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Social Engagement Program Through MD360i

We provide superior Social Engagement services through MD360i Social Tools platform.

Social Engagement Services

Social Management:
Efficiently manage all your social accounts! Managing multiple social accounts continues to be a challenge for businesses and marketers alike. The key issue? Finding the time in your busy day to effectively manage these accounts and create real value for your business! MD360i SocialTools allows you to manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts from one simple, user-friendly platform. Now you can coordinate the various aspects of your social media campaigns…

Monitor Your Brand:
Schedule & publish your posts across all Facebook & Twitter channels automatically. With the click of a few buttons your content will be broadcast to multiple accounts simultaneously, whether it is immediately or scheduled for a later time. More importantly, by using our URL link shortener, you’ll be able to quickly understand how effective the message was in achieving specific marketing objectives such as increased websites visitors etc. Share…

Discover Targeted Leads:
Discover leads who follow similar users quickly. Users follow a company, brand or product because they are interested in the company offering and/or their tweets. If you provide the same offering or a similar style of tweets, chances are the user will be interested in you. So when you start following them, you’ll likely gain a targeted Twitter or Facebook follower in return.

Manage Accounts:
Quickly and easily manage all your social accounts. MD360i enables multiple team members to contribute to your accounts to ensure you continue to build a strong social community. Moreover, you can allocate roles to each team members to ensure they only access areas they are responsible for. Co-ordination between team members has never been easier. Assign tasks to other members and add notes to ensure engagements and conversations are promptly and effectively…

Social Engagement:
MD360i SocialTools helps you connect, interact and directly respond to your Facebook and Twitter network through our simple, user-friendly interface. Our engagement inbox brings to you all your engagements across Twitter and Facebook accounts. You then have the option to filter through to respond to users for specific accounts and specific types of engagements such as mentions, re-tweets and so forth, as well as quickly assign them to appropriate team members….

Social Analytics:
Tracks performance and conversion rates. Measuring the value of social media is a key challenge for businesses and marketers alike. Our advanced tracking campaign system makes tracking conversions easy. Simply create your tracking campaign and assign any message sent through MD360i SocialTools to a specific tracking campaign. MD360i will then aggregate the results of all the posts within each campaign. Now you can have in your hands a range of statistics from what…

Real-Time Feeds:
With MD360i SocialTools, you’ll have access to valuable messages your “followings” have tweeted. Our advanced filters will bring those tweets to your attention. In order to create a thriving Twitter community, you need to reach out and interact with your community members on a regular basis. Our feed filter allows you to view all the tweets from those you are following. This way you’ll never miss a chance to connect with followers and ensure…

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