Xanaxx Remote Practice Management With Predictive Analytics for Medical & Dental Practices

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We can manipulate the data generated in your practice by applying various statistical algorithm and machine learning techniques to identify and predict where your practice is headed before you get there. Applying Lean and Six Sigma techniques and structured data, your practice is sure to gain a significant boost in revenue right from the first month of account activation. With zero obligation and much to gain, there's no real reason not to give us a try today!

More than ever before, you can now enjoy the services of experts in practice management (without the headaches and expense of hiring a dedicated full-time manager), while achieving outstanding revenue growth for your business. Use our services to establish structure and transform your staff to a self-managed professional workforce.

  • 20% More Revenue Lift. Guaranteed! 😀
  • 600+ Businesses and Growing

You May Need Our Services if You Answer Yes To Any of These Questions:

  • 1) Are you tired of giving instructions to employees on what to do and yet nothing gets done?
  • 2) Are you tired of “bossing” people around?
  • 3) Do you have a high number of “No Shows”? Would you like to drastically reduce this number?
  • 4) Would you like to improve your treatment acceptance rate?
  • 5) Do you want more new patients?
  • 6) Do you have a high number of collections – unpaid accounts yet to be collected? If yes, would you like to reverse the trend?
  • 7) Do you feel like getting your billing back on track through sound practice management optimization?
  • 8) Would you like to transform your office for better patient engagement?
  • 9) Do you currently have an office manager? If yes, is your office manager and your staff effective? Would you like to give your office manager proven tools he/she needs to get their jobs done right?
  • 10) Would you like to run your practice on a goal-initiated task-based system whereby the “goal” is determined from year-end metrics, divided monthly, broken into tasks with plans and system in place to achieve daily assigned employee tasks?
  • 11) Would you like to have a structure in place that effectively distributes tasks, measures and monitors daily completed tasks, and rates the performance of each employee based on what’s done?
  • 12) Would you like to have a dynamic management system that integrates marketing (outbound/inbound) activities that ensure your weekly appointment schedules are fully booked and on target?
  • 13) Would you like to have a ‘third eye” that sort of ensures that the daily practice goals are achieved even when you or certain key figures of your organization are not physically present at work?
  • 14) Would you like to identify better opportunities for your practice in the areas of better patient experience, value based personalized care, revenue cycle efficiencies improvement, provider/staff satisfaction, seamless interoperability opportunities?
  • 15) Would you like to elevate employee engagement to sustained self-organizing work groups – similar to what exists in the ant kingdoms?
  • 16) Would you like to have a call center that truly allows you to identify and link incoming calls to existing patients, automatically creates new account if the caller is a new patient to your practice, records the conversation (for training or quality assurance purposes), processes each call seamlessly, and makes it super easy to place and receive calls through your mobile device?
  • 17) Would you like to have a portal that takes care of all your practice management all in one place accessible to any device?
  • 18) Would you like to provide your team the opportunity to work with a professional manager who will help and guide them to actually get things done for your practice thereby reducing your stress?

Remote Practice Management optimization services can help identify:

  • Further opportunities for your practice
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Increase Face-to-Face patient interaction
  • Patient Engagement through portal and mobile applications
  • Help in aligning with MARA QPP Reporting (where applicable)
  • Application of Automation Processes and systems
  • Help in maximizing Pay for Performance/HEDIS scores (where applicable)
  • Help in streamlining clinical quality documentation workflows (where applicable)
  • Streamlining of practice policies and procedures, and standardization of security policies
  • PQRS/Meaningful Use (CY – 2016) (where applicable)
  • Analysis of workflows for risk stratification (in-patient case)
  • Improve denial management and claim adjudication
  • Automate administrative and financial reporting
  • Implement industry compliance standards
  • Improve provider and staff satisfaction

Here’s How We Work:

  • We begin by tailoring our Remote Management approach to your business. This allows us to effectively bridge current (existing) gaps in system usage and care to your patients.
  • We adopt a 3-prong approach: 1) Analyze, 2) Implement, 3) Optimize.
    First, we review current workflows, analyze challenges, and identify gaps.
  • Second, we tailor-made our remote management program for quick adoption, customize practice-centric recommendations, system-build, guide, and train employees on entire new workplace management structures and processes. Where applicable, we enhance existing processes for maximum yield.
  • Third, we measure success/opportunities, close Gaps, create future plans for action, and implement those plans according to approved timeline (future plans must be approved by practice owner).

Why Choose Our Services?

  • We are experts. That’s all we do. Practice Management is our calling. We have all the tools and know-how to get the job done.
  • We are all about results. Our existence and success hinge upon it.
  • We are outsider-insiders. Research shows that employees are more apt to heed the instructions of a professional (third party) manager than from a familiar voice they’ve been accustomed to for as long as they (employees) know that upper management is fully in support of the new dispensation.
  • We are affordable. Compared to hiring a full time highly qualified employee we are dead cheap – pennies on the dollar. Plus tax benefits, you have savings all around.
  • We are professional in our approach at all times.
  • Our data operates on a highly secure HIPAA compliant platform. All patient data remains on your current EHR/EMR software.


Our services start as little as $999/month. The program starts immediately upon payment. This is a limited time offer!

No Hidden Fees. No Taxes. No Contract. See how productive your business can be in just 3 months!

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