Memo: We’re Moving Our Workforce to the Cloud


Note: Brand Creates Expectation

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Debbie Miner, Practice Administrator

Moving Our Workforce to the Cloud: Last week, we announced that we’re moving our entire workforce to the cloud – Xanaxx Cloud for Business. This new arrangement will be headed by Debbie Miner – known for her excellent managerial skills.

Over the years, the size of our team, the breadth of our offerings and our commitment to professional business customers have all increased substantially. Organizations of all shapes and sizes, are now using Xanaxx’s MD360i Marketing platform to grow their businesses. To reflect this change, we restructured our teams. The workforce is now in the cloud.

It is important to note that this move reflects our commitment to bringing you the best tools to grow your business exponentially and in a sustained fashion. Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Xanaxx Consulting Group

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