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MD360 “Standard Level” Membership

This plan is guaranteed to generate $45,000/Yr for your business. That’s 6x your investment. Who else gives this level of warranty!

Plus All The Features of the Entry-Level Package

The Standard Package comes with all the features in the:

  • Entry Level Membership Package
  • PLUS the features below.

1. SEO Service

With MD360i SEO ™ you can manage ALL social media sites from one platform, Submit your content to 100+ social media sites automatically, Build 1000’s of quality links from social media sites instantly, Drive quality traffic to your website from search engines and social media sites, and get FREE SEO Suite with 25+ SEO Tools to boost your website to the TOP ranking on Google.

Dominate TOP 10 positions on Google, Yahoo! and Bing Build 1000’s of Quality Links from Social Media Sites Instantly Quickly Drive Massive Quality Traffic to your Website from Search engines and social media sites

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2. Newsletter Marketing

Newsletters are a great vehicle for small direct marketers. More so than virtually any other online communications, they can level the economic playing field. Costing only a few thousand dollars, digital imaging and other computer-based graphics techniques lets small businesses create e-newsletter retention and informational campaigns that have high production values.

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3. Twitter Management

Create Extensive Twitter Campaigns and Build An Engaged Community Of Twitter Followers Using Our Automated Engine

Twitter is a great way to reach a customer base you may not have been able to previously. Automatically schedule and post interesting tweets to Twitter using our Twitter automation tool. Create your first Twitter campaign in a matter of minutes to begin generating leads and expanding your marketing.

Get easy access to reports that show you who read, clicked and interacted with your Twitter posts. Easily set up automatic direct messages to send a quick hello to your new followers. Our Twitter tool takes the work out of Twitter marketing, saving you time and marketing dollars.

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4. Email Validation Service

Our email checking tool connects to the mail servers and checks whether the email is valid or even exist. This action can translate to real dollars in your pocket by sending your emails only to correct addresses.

For valid email addresses, our email validator can view additional intelligence including pictures, web, blog, local searches and other interesting research data on email addresses.

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5. Link Tracker Package

Our link tracking tool is kind of like your watchdog. It will keep an eye on your links and let you know what is working. You can easily track the number of people who engaged with your content and the overall success of your online marketing campaigns. See why businesses of all sizes choose us for link tracking.

Get instant access to link tracking reports on who opened, clicked and interacted with your campaigns. Segment your subscriber list and send timely follow-up messages to maximize your ROI. Short URLs are ideal for use on social media sites where character space is at a premium.

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  • MD360 Standard Level Member Pricing
  • $599/Month
  • Standard Level Membership
  • MD360 Standard Level Membership
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