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This plan is guaranteed to generate $60,000/Yr for your business. That’s 7x your investment. Who else gives this level of warranty!

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1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the top free methods of increasing targeted traffic, building authority in your industry, and improving search engine rankings. While some marketers think of this strategy as simply writing articles and submitting them to top article directories, it’s really much more than that. And this is where MD360i article marketing engine comes in handy!

Article marketing involves writing unique, compelling content that can be placed on your own site, published on a blog or website relevant to your industry, or on article directories for syndication by other websites or owners of ezines (online magazines), newsletters, etc. What are the key benefits of writing articles for distribution?

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2. Call-Center Marketing

Take your marketing down to a more traditional method with our voice broadcasting tool. Voice is an effective and smart way to connect with your customers and adds a voice to the company. Let your guests know about an upcoming event by simply leaving an automated voice message.

Voice broadcasting is the perfect solution for call center marketing programs, customer reminders, and political campaigns. Our voice broadcasting solution is simple to use, 100% web-based and delivers results in real-time. All you need to supply, is your message, either recording your own or uploading a file.

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3. Content Marketing

It’s Important to Gain Insights from Digital Body Language
Having a defined content marketing strategy ensures that your clients and prospects will get the information they need to make informed buying decisions. And content marketing works hand in hand with marketing automation systems because as your prospects engage with your digital content, you’ll gain insight from their “digital body language.” Using this knowledge, you can communicate with your entire audience (via email or on the web) in ways that are aligned with their interests and business needs.

How do you build a strategy that ensures you’re making the right decisions about content? To be effective, drive lead generation, and drive business, your content must have:

Your work should be placed in the right venues for the right audiences. Organizations must research their target customers and understand how and where they consume content. Many organizations create personas based on their prospects’ demographics.

Potential customers want different kinds of content at different stages of their research and purchase process. Similarly, newly engaged clients need different content than those who are deeply familiar with your organization. We build a timeline for each of your personas and brainstorm what kinds of content they’ll need at each stage of their engagement with your company.

Content marketing takes time and money to develop and manage. After we’ve modeled your personas and figured out which content they’ll need at each stage of engagement with your organization, we set priorities based on your current business needs.

Content must bring something new to the table. As a result, we try making all contents engaging and useful. This takes a lot of hard work, time and brain power to make it enjoyable such that your audience will share it with their friends and colleagues.

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4. Social Monitoring Package

Complete Social Monitoring…

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5. Social Engagement Package

Managing multiple social accounts continues to be a challenge for businesses and marketers alike. The key issue? Finding the time in your busy day to effectively manage these accounts and create real value for your business!
MD360i allows you to manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts from one simple, user-friendly platform. Now you can coordinate the various aspects of your social media campaigns through one interface to fast track your social media tasks.

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6. Social Analytics Package

Social Analytics Package…updating…

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7. Conversion Tracking Package

Conversion Tracking Package…updating…

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8. Facebook Management Package

With our Facebook marketing solution, you can centralize all of those third-party apps into one account without losing any of the features or functionality that you need. Easily reach your Facebook fans and gain new ones by adding automated posts to your routine. Enter and schedule posts, include links and publish.

Facebook marketing can be as simple as scheduling a post to appear on your wall, to running an elaborate contest that will have your brand going viral over the Internet. All the tools and features are at your fingertips with over 800 million registered Facebook users waiting for your message.

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9. Landing Pages

Websites have taken on the role of a company’s sales brochure. That is why they need to be highly targeted and contain a strong call to action. But how can you do this effectively with just one site? The answer is, you create a landing page. This allows you to make multiple, focused landing pages to really distinguishing your product and give it the proper attention it deserves.

With our easy-to-use editor, you don’t need tech skills or design talents to create professional looking landing pages that generate results. In just minutes you will create a landing page with different variables that are ready to publish. From there, track your results to learn what page variables work best.

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10. Site Analytics Package

Analytics Package…updating…

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11. Web Ranking Package

Automated Quality Link building Submitting your content to all the major social media sites generates high-quality backlinks to your website boosting it to a top ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Over 85% of total internet traffic is generated by search engines and is subsequently considered the most effective way to drive traffic to websites. However, with millions of websites indexed by the search engines daily, your WebPages don’t stand a chance of being found if it isn’t ranked on the first 3 pages of the search results for your targeted keywords. Understanding the ranking position of your WebPages and that of your competitors is the first step in achieving a higher ranking.

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12. Competitor Tracking Package

Competitor Tracking Package…updating…

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13. Keyword Management Package

Keyword Mgmt Package…updating…

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14. Content Development Package

Content Development Package…updating…

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15. Survey Marketing Package

There is no easier way to get customer feedback than through online surveys. SimplyCast offers a simple tool to create online surveys that will engage and generate responses in no time. Add a poll question to your website or newsletter – the customization options are endless with our product.

Employee evaluations and peer reviews are just a few of the options you have. Using online surveys to market your company is an easy way to get a 360-degree view of your business. Design them easily with our drag and drop editor then view the answers in real-time.

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16. Event Marketing Package

Hosting an event for your business? Need a hand? Our online event planning product is the easy and affordable way to fill the seats and ensure success. With our service, guests can easily RSVP to your beautifully designed invitations created by our easy-to-use editor. No design team needed.

Then easily track the results, interact with guests and collect user feedback. You will always know who is coming and who is not. With so many customizable options, you will be able to provide every possible detail to your attendees. Make your next event the hottest ticket in town with our online event planning tool.

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17. Patient Engagement Package

This includes a social network, tasks and projects, group chat, video conferencing, online documents, storage/drive management, calendars, email, CRM, telephony, newsletters, and more.

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