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Done-For-You Membership

MD360 Done-For-You Complete Membership

This plan is guaranteed to generate $90,000/Yr for your business. That’s 8x your investment. Who else gives this level of warranty!

Plus All The Features of the other 3 Packages

The Standard Package comes with all the features in the:

  • Entry Level Membership Package
  • Standard Level Membership
  • 360 Professional Membership
  • PLUS the features below.

1. PowerPoint (PPT) Video Presentation Design

Refining processes is one of the fastest ways to increase efficiency; leading to a significant savings in both cost and time. When you use web video, you not only refine the process, you enhance it. Plain text can only say so much. Video takes your processes via your message to the next level.

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2. Google Adwords Package

Google Adwords inclussive

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3. Automated Bidding Marketing

Automated Bidding Marketing System

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4. Webinar Marketing Package

Webinar Marketing…updating…

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5. Social Engagement Package

We have a unique relationship with our clients. Here’s how we care about each of our customers…

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6. Banner Ads Development Package

Banner Ads Development Package…

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7. Affiliate Development Design Package

Affiliate Development Design Package…

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8. Blueprint Design Package

Blueprint Design…

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9. Website Update Package

Website Update…

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10. Search Engine Submission Package

Search Engine Submission…

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11. Press Release Marketing Package

Our press release submission tool takes the tedious work out of submitting press releases to online directories and does the press release marketing for you. Easily get access to our list of free and paid directories and then use our tool to automate the entire submission process. When you are done the job in less than 30 minutes, you will be glad you did.

News submissions are all done quickly and effectively, reaching sites you may not have considered before. All you have to do is submit your information once and let our software populate the rest. No more endless copy and pasting. You can also submit articles, links and more.

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12. Online Magazine/Newspaper Package

Let members of your community, company or organization become publishers, focusing on the topics that matter most.

We offer a suite of content curation and web monitoring tools optimized for enterprise use, including an API, white-label and custom-tailored solutions.

Note: Having a magazine is a critical component of being seen as an “Expert” in your field. Plus, it has huge implication in your overall marketing effort.

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13. SMS Marketing Package

It seems like everyone these days is addicted to texting on their smartphone. Why not take advantage of this method of communication to expand your marketing? Use MD360i Membership’s SMS Marketing service to send text messages to a list of 200 or 250,000 people with ease.

Create an SMS Marketing campaign in minutes using our simple editor, then schedule it to send and have people checking their phones for your message within the hour. Track the results in real-time with our reporting system and brag to your boss how well you did. Start putting your message in the hands of your customers today.

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14. Auto Responder Marketing Package

Building a relationship with your clients is vital to having a successful business. Send an email with autoresponder to build this relationship and manage your email marketing program with ease. Easily reply to your customers with beautiful emails that provide engaging information when it is most needed.

Easily create an autoresponder campaign in minutes and then let our software automate it all for you. Add your content, pick your posting delays and publish. Once you launch your email with autoresponder marketing campaign, let our robust and real-time reporting tools take over.

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15. Basic Business Listing Package

The PowerListings Complete Package gets your business PowerListings on all 35+ sites in the MD360i Network. With a combined reach of over 150 million searches a month, this local advertising package gives you control over your listings almost everywhere and helps you stand out wherever your potential customers may be searching for you. You get premium listings with photos, special offers and descriptions and full control on each site.

Track it all with reporting and be alerted to what customers are saying about you with review monitoring on your PowerListings. Control over your info, premium listings, reporting and review monitoring for one incredibly low price undefined local internet advertising has never been easier! Check out your business listing result!

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16. Essay Contest Marketing Package

Use MD360i’s Essay Contest App to entice users to share and vote for written stories on a brand’s Facebook Page, website, and on mobile.

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  • MD360 Done-For-You Complete Level Membership
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