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Our Proven Results

Our Substantial Credibility is Built on Proven Results

We are helping businesses to improve their bottom-line by basing their strategies on research evidence.

Our Proven Marketing Results

The use of automation systems and evidenced-based marketing approach (based on research and data analytics) has greatly influenced our customer experience and marketing results. On the average, our customers have seen a 20% revenue lift due to our systematic marketing approach and philosophy.

You might be wondering…Why use evidence-based approach?
Well, evidence-based approach provides the much needed insights and guidance on which systems to deploy in other to create the best productive relationships for our clients and their customers. It is important to note that though data analysis is a very important part of the mix, we work to balance creative brand considerations and customer emotional resonance. At Xanaxx, our evidence-based marketing approach is customer-centric. It employs marketing analytics, and uses available historical data to help reduce any guesswork thereby greatly enhancing our probability to succeed.

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