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Get MD360i Marketing Automation for Small BusinessMD360i Marketing Automation for Small Business

Drive Leads into Your Sales Pipeline with Integrated Marketing Automation Software
Planning and executing the right marketing programs is a critical first step in building a robust sales pipeline. Where most companies fall short is in making that vital link between marketing campaigns and sales execution.

MD360i marketing automation software automates your entire marketing process, allowing you to better align campaigns and programs with your sales teams. With MD360i’s marketing software, you can target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns and take the complexity out of lead qualification and conversion. The result: more efficient sales execution. MD360i’s marketing management software also lets you tailor marketing messages and campaigns much more precisely, leading to greater market share and a sharper competitive edge.


Streamline all marketing processes with a scalable end-to-end marketing automation solution Rapidly create and streamline the execution of multi-channel campaigns Gain real-time visibility into the complete marketing process, from campaign creation and execution to sale Collaborate closely with sales and other business units to quickly convert leads into prospects Reach out to your customers in a much more targeted and personal way.

Key Features

Lead Management

Capture leads from multiple sources, including websites, direct mail and tradeshows Improve the alignment of your marketing organization with your sales teams Deliver leads faster to improve sales execution and shorten sales cycles Build an end-to-end process that ensures accurate delivery and management of leads, from capture to close Automate lead processing and sales territory management, thus eliminating the need to assign each individual record manually—saving time, money and energy Assign leads based on the business rules you set, eliminating conflict over which sales person owns which lead or territory.

Campaign Management

Create, execute and track campaigns rapidly and in real time to maximize the value of your leads and opportunities Translate campaigns into cash: Track not only how many new opportunities each campaign generates, but how many actual orders are placed as a result of the campaign Better understand which campaigns worked, which did not—and why—so that you can continuously improve your processes Segment customer data to deliver a true one-to-one platform for marketing your products and services Assess how well each of your promotions is doing in real time—and make adjustments on the fly—to stay ahead of the competition Execute, manage and monitor campaigns across multiple channels and get a single view of campaign events. Email

Marketing Software

Manage e-mail marketing—from creation to execution to measurement—in one system, eliminating the need to juggle multiple systems or third-party vendors Create and execute high-volume mass e-mails that allow you to reach the widest possible audience Use capabilities such as target group creation, e-mail merge, sophisticated data cleansing and de-duping, as well as wrap-around performance measurement Using built-in reports, analyze campaign statistics and ROI from the start of the campaign promotion to the final order transaction.

Keyword and SEO Marketing

Measure the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns in real time along with all the other campaigns—at the keyword level—with end-to-end tracking from click to conversion Analyze leads, conversion rates, conversion costs, customers, revenue and ROI more effectively by keyword and search engine for more profitable campaigns Identify both successful and problematic keywords and search engines, and then reallocate your budget accordingly Track results from leads, even if the purchase occurs months later or offline.

Web to Lead Forms

Employ easy-to-use customization tools to quickly create web to lead forms that can be used as landing pages Manage leads and customer information coming from the web, based on your unique business requirements Use tracking features to see the source of each lead at both the lead and opportunity level Combine lead management with a full view of customer data to assess campaign effectiveness. Get MD360i Marketing Automation System for Small Business Today!

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