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Noble Nwaigwe

Noble Nwaigwe, CEO. Xanaxx Consulting Group

Dr. Noble Nwaigwe, CEO & Chief Architect

Best-in-Class 22 Years Running

Dr. Noble Nwaigwe started Xanaxx Consulting Group, Inc. in 2013. Xanaxx is child company of VicTech Integrated Technologies established in 1996. Due to Noble’s faceted talents and capabilities, he holds the position of the organization’s Software Architect, VP of Engineering, and Chief Executive Officer. He’s a key player in driving adoption of smart systems and methodologies, state-of-the-art engineering practices and Ruby-on-Rails at Xanaxx, and has personally overseen massive and very successful projects to overhaul Xanaxx’s entire technology platform.

Mr. Nwaigwe is accountable for performing/consulting on proofs-of-concept on new and emerging platform solutions and providing technical input and validation of multi-generation platform Roadmaps. He provides leadership as an individual contributor, and effectively communicates and collaborates with project development teams, technology teams, Enterprise Architects as well as production support from 360 all-inclusive Marketing (starting with Mobile Marketing) to full-fledged Dental and Healthcare consulting projects.

Dr. Noble has over 22 years of experience building complex software solutions at internet-focused, venture-funded start-ups, complex integrated technology solutions, healthcare consulting & management training systems, a scenario-based university network, membership platforms, automated marketing systems, embedded devices, and functional customer-focused websites (based on the science of customer thought sequence and heuristic).

As a healthcare expert, Dr. Noble Nwaigwe provides consulting services to strengthen and improve health care operations that result in stronger financial returns and a healthier health care system. Dr. Nwigwe uses your strong strategic and business acumen to work closely with clients to define, develop and document business requirements to ensure needs are captured and critical deliveries are executed. This gives him the opportunity to travel and share in missions that inspire and motivate.

Dr. Nwaigwe has incredible expertise in performing the following types of activities:

  • Collaboration with technology and business departments to define deliverables and develop solutions that are reusable across the organization
  • Leading the overall delivery of projects including the direct management of project team members
  • Performing project management duties including the creation of status reports, work plans and presentations to client leadership
  • Providing well-informed opinions and architectures for technical solutions including application presentation, data access, and integration
  • Participating in development and configuration projects for a broad set of solutions including transactional applications, EDI, business intelligence and self-service portals
  • Development of technical design documents to describe and support justification of the chosen architecture and proposed implementation
  • Review and approval of developer detail design documents, data structure diagrams and code assets
  • Ensuring quality assurance by directing unit test activities including the development of test cases and publication of unit test results
  • Conducting research studies that may include collecting, analyzing, trending and presenting data and recommendations to management
  • Assessing and recommend vendor products to client leadership
  • Developing financial models and tools, including cost-benefit analysis, resource utilization models and performance reports
  • Creating written and oral communication materials that effectively summarize findings, support fact-based recommendations and provides appropriate detail to substantiate conclusions
  • Maintaining work papers, project deliverables and other artifacts that can be recreated and leveraged as intellectual capital
  • Producing job aids, training material and instruction manuals for end-users
  • Participating in quality assurance and user acceptance testing by writing test scripts, executing test cases and documenting defects
  • Defining, developing and documenting business requirements to ensure clients needs are captured and delivered
  • Identifing and documenting business process re-engineering opportunities including current and future state process flows

Other strong suites of Dr. Noble Nwaigwe includes but not limited to:

    • Program Management, Project Management, Project Coordination, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Business Process Improvement
    • Solid understanding of the Systems Development Life-Cycle (SDLC)
    • Knowledge of software applications, database management systems, and other business related technologies highly preferred
    • Strong communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
    • and much more (upon request)

Dr. Nwaigwe holds a Master’s degree from University of Phoenix and currently working on his doctorate dissertation at Capella University for his PhD. He’s happily married with 3 children: Prince Victor Noble John (II).


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