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Our Critical Mission is Performance Improvement.

Xanaxx Consulting Group’s mission is to help healthcare provider organizations become high-performing organizations.

Health Care Consulting

Our consulting, healthcare data analytics, interpretation and reporting, and advanced care management services are based on tried and tested innovative systems that have produced best-in-class outcomes – lower cost, higher quality, reduced mortality and morbidity, and improved provider and patient satisfaction.

Consulting projects are tailored to our client’s specific situation and needs and require ability to adapt to a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, unique workflow for each client engagement.

What we do as Health Care Consultants – We Execute these and Much More:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve health care affordability through analysis of data and transforming business intelligence into action plans.
  • Conducting primary and secondary research in areas such as: electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchanges (HIEs), Accountable Care Organization (ACO) development, Market Analysis, Care and Disease Management, Business intelligence (BI) and advanced healthcare analytics
  • Performing strategic data analysis (data mining) and research as appropriate to support business needs (e.g., disease management, provider profiling, etc.).
  • Translating data to provide answers and stories from the data for client consultation for improving health care affordability to professional clients.
  • Translating data trends into strategic recommendations for program development and action plans.
  • Maintaining client’s unique data/intelligence competitive advantage by tracking, analyzing, and communicating about all the data and intelligence that is captured across the company.
  • Assessing a client’s (or their competitor’s) current services, processes, performance, and positioning from a healthcare, technology and business standpoint.
  • Analyzing our proprietary data, especially for consulting engagements or other market intelligence functions.
  • Support clients’s leadership team in their innovation landscape scanning activities.
  • Analyzing client data, and conducting/participating in interviews to gather facts and insights into a client’s issues, concerns and goals.
  • Developing concise, pragmatic and actionable findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • Tracking and prioritizing projects through coordination and negotiation with internal and external clients to improve the efficiency of information/project plan generation.
  • Developing a good understanding of relevant business processes, goals and strategy in order to provide analysis and interpretation.
  • Leveraging education and experience to work with clients to help them clarify their strategic goals and objectives.
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