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Your business website may have all the bells and whistles. But when it comes to what counts (driving much needed traffic to your practice or business location), have you ever wondered if its actually doing the job? Well, now you can. You can now request for a detailed Search Engine Optimization Report for your website absolutely free! No strings attached – a $199 value!

Why do you need this free report?
In today’s business climate, your website is at the heart of modern marketing strategies and efforts. So, if your website is not optimized for this marketing environment the result could be very costly and catastrophic for your business.
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My webmaster may have already optimized my website…
Wrong! That’s what most website owners believe. Search Engine Optimization is a pain-staining task that requires meticulous and dedicated effort on the part of website developers. Its not just all about keywords. It takes a lot more effort than you may imagine. This is the reason why most websites are not optimized leaving you (the website owner) to bear the consequence.

What happens after I request for the free report?
This task is performed manually. For that reason, you’ll need to allow 24-48 hours for the free report. The report will be sent directly to your inbox.

What information do I need to request for this free report?
All you need is your website address, email address, last name and first name to receive the free report.

If there are errors that need to be fixed on the report, am I obligated to use your services to fix the errors?
Not at all. You can do it yourself, use your webmaster, or better still ask us to correct the errors found in the report. It’s your choice.
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What is the obvious consequence of doing nothing?
Well, it’s up to you. If loosing money (that should have been directed to you) is a better option that makes you happy, so be it.

So, why are you doing this for free?
Do you really want to know the answer…? Its obvious! I want you to know why your website is not delivering the punch you had expected. This report will provide that answer for you. If you give us the opportunity to fix the problems listed on the report, we would then share in the reward – you are happy and we are happy as well. So, this is the reason for the free report. In my opinion, it makes perfect sense.

Would it require you to log into my website to generate this report?
Absolutely nothing of the sort. Only public access is required to run the report. Now if your website needs to be optimized, only then would it be necessary to provide access rights to whomever you authorize to perform the job.
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Aha! What about privacy?
Oh no! We’re not asking any sensitive information from you. As for your name and email address…they remain absolutely hammered, buried, and locked in from outside interference. VicTech Integrated Technologies is very big on privacy issues. We need your name to determine ownership of the website.

Will this report make any changes to my website?
Absolutely not! We don’t have any access to your website. We only need publicly available instructions to run the report. Again, this exercise will not modify your website in any way. Period.

So, Now What?
Start by providing the company name, website address, your last name and first name in the form below. So, without much ado, lets get started.

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