What’s The Cost Of Creating A Website?


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website_design_estimateWhat’s The Cost Of Creating A Website? The answer to this question depends on several competing factors. And from your perspective, it shouldn’t matter. Your website is your “perfect” employee. A $30,000 website is a steal because its value is exponentially greater than its price tag.

A Basic website Is Generally From: $900 – $2000

A basic, small business brochure website where you can talk about your services and include a contact page through which your customers can reach you. The website usually does not run on a CMS, making it a little harder to update or manage.

Blogs may also fall into this category. Although not static in nature, the amount of time taken to set up a blog is relatively little while additional resources needed to set it in motion are also minimal.

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A Small Business Site With CMS Integration Costs From: $3500 – $10000

A small to medium business website requires a CMS to run things smoothly. But at a higher cost, though a lot more custom work may go into this e.g. ecommerce integration, social media features, custom design elements etc. Most corporate websites would fall into this category.

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Advanced Web Package Is Anywhere From: $15000 – $100000

Anyone building a website within this price range is likely looking for a custom-coded web system (otherwise known as “web application”) with lots of powerful features. There are many development hours going into such a project, which should involve two or more developers working on it together. Building your own social network app to compete with the likes of Pinterest, for instance, would cost you this much.

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