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Xanaxx Consulting Group is a nationally recognized leader in providing a full range of management consulting services to prestigious healthcare organizations. For several years, XCG has provided focused advice and expert guidance in solving our clients’ most challenging problems. Our ability to understand the unique interplay of strategic, operational, and financial elements for each client allows us to develop solutions that match a client’s particular needs and culture. Our company culture is open, honest, and collaborative, with a defined solution path to help your organization succeed in a challenging business environment.

Procesprocess_designs Design for Our Clients

Xanaxx Consulting Group creates process design for our healthcare clients in order to improve upon – on-the-ground processes, as well as design innovative models to reduce waste and variation within healthcare processes. We do this through the production of discrete-event simulation models implementation of Lean Six Sigma techniques, data mining, statistical analysis utilization of risk management, assistance with facility planning and strategic planning. Our practitioners generally travel to client locations to gather, analyze and present findings as well as market process improvement services. We also provide input to enhance HDR proprietary process improvement tools and when appropriate develop relevant tools in-house. Additionally, we research the latest healthcare and process improvement trends, customize and apply them accordingly.

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