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Marketing momentum requires consistent work over the long term and this is best handled by the creation of a marketing calendar. The annual marketing calendar is a great planning device for campaigns and product launches, but it’s also a great tool to schedule out the many projects that you know must be done on time.Noble Nwaigwe

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a company that leaves organizations in better conditions than we first met them – and getting them to outperform consistently.

Please, review our unconventional 5-minute video presentation below to have a better understanding of our value system. Thanks.

Medical & Dental Practices

Served and satisfied in various capacities since 1996.

Xanaxx Consulting is one of the fastest growing professional consulting firms with a three prong integrated approach – management consulting, training, and 360 degree marketing.

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Featured Xanaxx Practitioners

Mareli Richards

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Performing project management duties including the creation of status reports, work plans and project presentations to clients’ leadership.

Darian Weeks

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Collaboration with technology and business departments to define deliverables and develop reusable solutions across the organization.

Natalie Mcclain

Best-in-Class 3 Years Running

Development of technical design documents to describe and support justification of the chosen architecture and proposed implementation.

Robbin Rivers

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

I help practice owners deliver amazing growth for their medical and dental practices.

Ronny Longwell

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

A good workflow should give you accurate insights on areas your business leak performance.

Magnolia Collis

Best-in-Class 3 Years Running

Like “ants in a colony” every employee should know exactly what their duties and tasks are.

Alondra Downs

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Effective employee training leads to overall improvement of your practice.

Timothy Ringdahl

Best-in-Class 5 Years Running

Work with me to reduce or eliminate your no-shows, and aggressively improve the overall metrics.

Kalyn Hannahs

Best-in-Class 3 Years Running

Let me in to evaluate what you have and provide solutions to help optimize efficiencies.


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